Cable Recycling Machine
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Cable Recycling Machine

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Шахин Хайри
на Флагма с 21 сентября 2018


MLK 101-60 cable recycling machine , capacity 600kg-800kg / hour
MLK 102-80 cable recycling machine, capacity 800kg-1000kg / hour
MLK 103-120cablerecycling machine, capacity 1800kg-2000kg/ hour

Being established in 2005 and doing export to 64 countries of the world at the point they have reached today, our company is experiencing an infinitive happiness of rendering a service to you with their vast experience and constant quality understanding they have gained on the Recycling Machines.

Making up the continuous development and total quality philosophy together with their R & D activities they have carried out a stabile principle, Meliksah Machine carries out all their activities to this effect. Furthermore, Meliksah Machine implements their activities on total 1.500 m2 area being aware of their target to offer the maximum quality to their clients with a reasonable price at the worldly level which has globalized and become a global village anyhow.

We have been monitoring the Contemporary Technological Developments closely with our activities we have carried out since the day we were established; and adapt the innovations on our products and systems and offer our clients superior products at maximum quality and innovations.

Our mission is to make our customers’ competitive powers stable using the most recent technologies and offering productive and quality production environments at the International Standards.

In our plants, the customer satisfaction is adopted as a fixed rule with the strong body structure, problem-free and quick operation, the latest technological supplies, qualified labor, long life and technical support to all the manufactured machines.

Having the capability of effectuating the production of Recycling machines at every level needed, Melihsah Machine will also determine their target according to the world market henceforth and will maintain the satisfaction and development of you, our estimable customers, much more speedily. Hoping to attain the better future together…

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на Флагма с 21 сентября 2018
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